Belts & Hoses Service

Belt and Hose Service

Over time, the belts and hoses under the hood of your vehicle wear down. They can split, swell, crack, or break, which can cause your engine to malfunction. Regular inspections of these parts can help prevent a breakdown or accident.

Many manufacturers recommend having your belts professionally checked as regularly as you have your oil changed and inspecting them yourself once a month. Most modern cars have one belt that operates all major systems (water pump, fan, power steering, alternator, air conditioning, etc.). So keeping it in top shape is essential. Every 50,000 miles, you need a new belt. Or if you notice more than ten cracks in a one-inch segment of the belt, you should go ahead a replace it.

Hoses are a bit more difficult to examine because the engine needs to be cool before they can be inspected. Also, because there a usually several hoses operating in one vehicle and many of them are hard to see, it's easy to over look a problem. Fortunately, at Rick's Tire Warehouse, our certified technicians have been trained in the safe execution of this process, and we visually inspect your hoses with every oil change, checking for softness, cracking, and swelling in your hoses.