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Lubbock TX Mobile Tire Service

Are you looking to have tires installed for your car, truck or SUV? Are you looking for the right tires for the right price done at your place at your convenience? Ricks Tire Warehouse now has a mobile tire service! This is a process where it makes buying and getting tires installed very simple for you.

A general question we receive is “What is a mobile tire shop?” Have you ever purchased new tires to have a local tire shop install them and ended up waiting too long to have the tires installed? Or did you ever struggle to get a ride to and from the local tire store so you could have your tires installed? Since Ricks Tires Warehouse has gone mobile, you will not have to worry about this anymore! The mobile tire service saves you time because we will come to you and install, mount and balance your new tires while you are at home eating dinner, playing with your kids, or spending time with your family. We can come to your office in Lubbock Texas and install tires while you are in meetings or getting ready for that big presentation. We can meet you at the mall or at soccer practice, the list goes on! Our company provides this convenient mobile tire service while having unbeatable prices, great tires with great services guaranteed.

Our company offers all of the major tire brands with the lowest guaranteed price to change all four tires, wherever you may be. This process occurs by our fleet trucks that carry the entire top of the line tire equipment. Our mounting equipment uses special mounting heads to prevent metal to metal contact and damage free handling. Our high speed, dynamic balancing provides a lifetime of smooth driving.

We want to ensure that each and every customer has the best experience possible when buying new tires. This all starts by scheduling around your available time. We will then use the best equipment for your vehicle and take care for the proper installation by providing the best parts, special torque tools for proper long term wheel care and inflation to the proper tire pressure. As an environmentally friendly company, we will recycle your old tires. We also can handle tires up to 24” including TPMS sensor rims.

Your next tire buying experience can’t get any easier. All you have to do is visit our website or call us at (806) 740-0230 for tires, and then let us know where you want us to install your tires. Before you know it, you have brand new tires installed on your car with our Mobile Tire Service!

We are the number one mobile tire company in Lubbock Texas. If you are local or driving in the area of Lubbock, stop in to visit our shop. Our experienced staff will provide you the best advice on selecting the tires to meet your budget needs. Search for your next tires and learn more about the mobile tire service located in Lubbock Texas by giving our company a call or contacting us online at any time.